Burst Water Pipe Insurance Claims Forest Hill

Dealing with the hassle of a burst water pipe is not something that anyone could hope for, especially if it then results in an insurance damage claim. However there is a solution, if you are in Forest Hill then you can call on the services of Apex Building Solutions.

We are not only there to offer you a reliable and cost effective repair service but also providing much needed support in the insurance claim too.

Our dedicated team are focused on giving you the very best level of service, ensuring that you come to a swift resolution with minimal impact on your life.

We will visit your home, assessing the work that will be required and also taking down any evidence required for the claim (photographs and documented notes). We will then send this key information to the insurance claim company on your behalf ready for processing.

Our goal is to have your pipes repaired and the insurance claim paid out as quickly as possible. We will do this with no hassle, no stress and no problem for you!

Call Apex Building Solutions today and speak to our friendly and professional team about your burst water pipe. We are there for you.

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