Burst Water Pipe Insurance Claims Kensington


Apex Building Solutions are a company offering support to those with burst water pipes in the Kensington area. We are there to take away the burden of the difficult process of making an insurance claim, as well as carrying out the required repairs to your pipe.

Both these services that we can provide are reliable, timely, cost effective and professional. We only employ people who have a dedication to excellent customer service and the right skills to be able to bring about a resolution for you.

We work hard, documenting evidence and taking relevant photographs in order that you can receive your money (and a repaired pipe to boot) as quickly as possible and with minimum impact on your life.

You will not need to contact the insurance company for yourself. All these admin tasks are completed by us on your behalf; meaning that you can concentrate on getting on with your normal life, while we try our hardest to resolve the situation.

If you are in Kensington and find yourself faced with the horror of a burst water pipe then call Apex Building Solutions. Never fear you will soon discover that we are the heroes who can come to your rescue!

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