The new year is here and so is the bad weather.

It is only the 9th of January and we have already had one of our busiest starts to the year ever.

Yesterday afternoon we received a severe weather warning directly from the Met office warning of severe weather this weekend , so keep our contact details nearby and if you are unfortunate enough to suffer any storm ,burst pipe or other damage please call one of our friendly operatives for a no obligation chat.

Remember, you don’t pay a thing, your insurance company covers all the work we do, so if the worst happens we are here to help and it doesn’t need to be a costly as well as an upsetting situation.

Heavy Rain Forecast for the UK

The UK has just been notified by the Met office that heavy rain is on the way in the South East and other areas, and flooding is expected. For more information on flooding, and in the worst case situation, flood damage repair be sure to read our blogs on how to deal with the damage caused by flooding.

If the worst should happen, keep out contact details handy and we can be there to assist right away.


Its that time of the year when we’re slowly beginning to get back into our routines following on from the long summer holidays. Its also the time of year when we should be thinking about the winter weather and planning ahead, so here are a few tips to follow.


Keeping your boiler serviced and up to date will give you peace of mind when the weather turns. If your boiler is more than 15 years old it may be worth considering replacing it.

Its also worth leaving it on a low setting of 14c ( 58F ) if you are away for any length of time.


Check that your loft is fully insulated and that any insulation that may have come loose if refitted to form a snug fit. Its amazing how much heat can be lost through loose or badly installed loft insulation.


Ensure your pipes are well lagged, burst pipes are a major cause of escape of water in the winter. Its also worth reminding yourself where the cut -off taps, and switches are for gas, electricity and water.

Gutters and drains

Blocked guttering and drains can cause major damage during the winter and it is well worth spending the time to make sure all gutters are cleared of debris and all downpipes and drains are free flowing.


Stand back and inspect the roof to see if you can spot any weaknesses or damage such as loose or misplaced slates or tiles.  Make sure the flashing is all intact and it can be helpful to use a pair of binoculars to assist you with your inspection.

Paths and patios

It is well worth while stocking up now on any salt or other gritting products so as you don’t get caught out when it snows or freezes.


We will shortly be opening a new office in Weybridge, Surrey where we will continue to offer our usual high service levels to our ever increasing customer base.


We have just been contacted by a policyholder to say that their insurers have rejected their claim for storm damage to their flat kitchen roof because the homeowners had not had the roof inspected by a suitably qualified person on an annual basis. So check your policy wording and if this clause applies to you then make sure at least once a year somebody inspects your roof, takes a few photographs and records the date and time of the inspection.


With the weather patterns changing and storms and flooding becoming a common occurrence its now more likely than ever that you will need to make an insurance claim. It is well worth checking the sum insured on your insurance policies to make sure you are adequately covered. If the sum insured is not sufficient to cover  re-instatement costs insurers will reduce the value of your claim accordingly, so make sure you are adequately covered

Another claim approved after initially been rejected

Yet another success this week as we convinced another insurance company to change their decision to reject a claim following a leak from a bathroom above.

Our policyholder had lodged a claim but the loss adjuster felt is was not a one off incident but an ongoing leak.

Flood Damage

Flood damage can be a catastrophe, it can affect the entire property and be very upsetting for the client. The damage can  not only affect the fabric of the building but also the obvious items like the carpets and wallpaper , electrics ect,  so it is essential that the claim is dealt with quickly and efficiently.

The property will require professional drying including dehumidifiers and airmovers so the property can be fully dried out before any re-instatement begins.

Please call Apex Building Solutions where a team member will be happy to assist you with any queries that you may have. Telephone 0800 292 2915 or email



Fire Claim

A serious fire is a very distressing experience.  Usually when this occurs the client will have to arrange alternative accommodation and try to salvage some of their personal belonging.

Even though you may have suffered from a small fire your property may be suffering from smoke damage and the smell can linger for months.

By contacting Apex Building Solutions we have the knowledge and expertise to help your through any disaster.  Please call 0800 292 2915 or email where one of our team members will be happy to assist you.





Have you had a claim turned down by insurers?

We are often approached by clients who have had their claims rejected by their insurance company, asking if there is anything we can do to help, and the answer is usually “Yes”.

Quite often claims are repudiated by insurers because they have misunderstood the full circumstances of the claim or have misinterpreted the terms.

We were recently approached by a gentleman living in Surrey who’s property had suffered an escape of water, a burst pipe.

When the loss adjuster visited he stated that as the leak had been ongoing and had been there for sometime without being fixed then the claim was repudiated, rejected in other words.

We appointed our own experts at no cost to the policyholder and convinced the insurance company to appoint a new more experienced loss adjuster which they did. After a meeting between us, the new loss adjuster and the policyholder the insurance company authorized repair works in excess of £15,000 and this was on a claim that had been turned down only a few weeks earlier.

Needless to say the policy holder was very pleased they had asked Apex Building Solutions to get involved.