Have you had a claim turned down by insurers?

We are often approached by clients who have had their claims rejected by their insurance company, asking if there is anything we can do to help, and the answer is usually “Yes”.

Quite often claims are repudiated by insurers because they have misunderstood the full circumstances of the claim or have misinterpreted the terms.

We were recently approached by a gentleman living in Surrey who’s property had suffered an escape of water, a burst pipe.

When the loss adjuster visited he stated that as the leak had been ongoing and had been there for sometime without being fixed then the claim was repudiated, rejected in other words.

We appointed our own experts at no cost to the policyholder and convinced the insurance company to appoint a new more experienced loss adjuster which they did. After a meeting between us, the new loss adjuster and the policyholder the insurance company authorized repair works in excess of £15,000 and this was on a claim that had been turned down only a few weeks earlier.

Needless to say the policy holder was very pleased they had asked Apex Building Solutions to get involved.