Damaged Interiors

Buildings insurance usually covers damage to the interior of your property including ceilings, walls, floors, doors and windows.

Following water damage from flooding or a burst pipe  it is not always immediately obvious as to the full extent of the damage. Plasterboard and breeze block walls will soak up the moisture and retain it so it is vital that the damaged property is professionally stripped and dried.

One particular area of interior damaged is kitchen cupboards and tiling. It is vital that these items are inspected and it ascertained whether they need to be removed and replaced.

The same can be said of bathrooms , and if the floor has gotten particularly wet it is vital that this is removed and replaced.

Tiling can also trap moisture so once again this needs to be inspected and if necessary the tiling removed to allow drying, and then replaced with new.

It is always preferable that  once all of the works have been completed that an electrical test is carried out by a suitably qualified electrician.

Areas that are often overlooked are doors and doorlings, skirting boards etc. Once these have gotten wet they will usually need replacing as they tend to warp.

And finally when it comes to finishing the building works in your newly repaired home the decoration should be left to our professional decorators to give your property the look it deserves.

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