Water Damage & Flood Restoration London


Here at Apex we know how scary the possibility of having to pay a substantial amount of money for property repairs can be. Property damage and significant payouts tend to go hand in hand, so we are here to help. We’ve taken onboard the insurance claims of clients all over London to help reduce the hefty payouts that come as a result of property damage and carry out expert building repair services for the aftermath of flooding, fires or other kinds of damage.

We realise that property damage can leave you feeling down, so we look to get the job done as soon as possible. We look to discuss and negotiate the potential payout with your insurer in a quick and abrupt fashion to ensure that the entire procedure is heading on the right track. In addition, we always act with the upmost courtesy and work towards relieving you of the stress that accompanies property damage.

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The first thing we do tough is carry out a detailed analysis of the damage that has been caused to your property. This allows us to construct a detailed report that we then provide to your insurance company. Our experts are highly trained when it comes to property surveys, so we will make sure we get all the information we can before constructing a report. The process may include taking measurements and photos of the evidence before we review what we’ve got and bring our findings to your insurer.

It’s so important that a damaged property survey includes as much detail as possible, not only to ensure that we can contribute to reducing your payout but also to give you the peace of mind once the survey is complete. The efficiency of the procedure lets us get hold of the evidence in a quick and easy fashion, so you don’t have to worry.

With the report complete, the next thing we do is send it to your insurance company and open negotiations with the loss adjusters. We cover everything from the type of work we need to carry out to the financial side of the repairs. With everything agreed upon, we can begin our construction work so that your property is restored to its original state.

We focus a huge amount of our services here at Apex towards customer consideration; ensuring that all the stresses of a damaged property are taken off your shoulders and dealt with efficiently and accordingly. To learn more about our services, give our specialists a call today or email us at info@apexbuildingsolutions.com.