Water Damage & Flood Restoration Surrey


Apex Building Solutions are experts in dealing with customer insurance claims for those who have suffered significant property damage. We know just how frightening it can be when you learn about the potential cost of property damage, which is why we are here should you need to claim on your insurance. We have many of years of experience providing for clients in Surrey and have left hundreds of customers happy with the work we have done for them.

The procedure that we go through encourages insurance quotes to go down and claims to move as quickly as possible, giving you the assurance that your property will soon be returned to its original state. We take customer support extremely seriously and always look to ensure that you’re not left alone to face substantial payouts and stressful news regarding property damage.

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The procedure incorporates various steps that we look to complete quickly and efficiently. The first thing we will do is arrive at your property and assess the damage that has taken place. This could involve taking photos and measurements of the damaged areas, with highly trained, seasoned professionals carrying out the work. The survey will ultimately contribute towards a detailed report that will then be sent to your insurers. Evidence is vital to a good report, so we make sure we thoroughly assess the damage before leaving.

The evidence and detail is important in helping  you get the right quote, so we combine detail and efficiency with courtesy to ensure the process is completed  swiftly and without incident. We are devoted to giving you the assurance and peace of mind you deserve during what can be a very stressful time.

Once the report has been put together we can focus on sending it off to your insurers. The last thing we do before starting work on your property is talk to the loss adjusters. We go into extensive detail regarding various aspects of the procedure, from the overall cost to the types of repairs that are required. Once we’ve come to an agreement with the loss adjusters, we can start repairing the damage caused.

With a procedure that is based around skilled repair work, customer satisfaction and common courtesy, we are delighted with the outstanding reputation we have managed to achieve over the years. So if your property in Surrey has been hit hard by flooding, fires or any other kind of damage, get in touch by phone or send us an email at info@apexbuildingsolutions.com.