Vehicle Impact Damage

A vehicle impact damage claim can arise when a car, a van making a delivery in the area or a council truck hits your property or from a hit and run type incident.

If possible always write down the registration number of the vehicle, the make and model and make a note of the time and date it occurred.

Always file a report to the police and get an incident number.

Our roads are getting busier and as a result we are seeing more and more cases of vehicles colliding with structures and garden walls.

Quite often the insurance company for the driver that hit your property will attempt to settle the claim as cheaply as possible by sending one of their own contractors to carry out a “patch” repair. Or they may offer you a very low cash settlement .

Neither of these options is in your favour as very often there is further damage that cant be seen . It is therefore essential that a professional experienced surveyor inspects your damage, no matter how minor it may appear, to see if the foundations or any other part of the structure has been affected.

We will deal with all matters relating to the damage including liaising with the third party and their insurers

We can help you in the event of vehicle impact damage by making a third party claim if you have the details of the person who hit you or, if not, then we will help you make a claim on your own home insurance.

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