Leak Detection And Water Damage Croydon

Leak Detection And Water Damage Croydon

Homeowners in Croydon are often faced with the daunting possibility of having to deal with extensive water damage throughout a property after identifying a leak. It is quite common for people to make a claim against their insurance policy after locating frozen, burst or cracked piping. Pipe damage can lead to a number of different consequences, including an excessive amount of dormant water beneath a property and an increase in damp. However, it can be difficult for homeowners to become aware of damaged piping, so it’s entirely possible that damaged piping goes unnoticed for weeks, months or even years.

There are a number of areas throughout the property that you should check regularly to ensure that piping hasn’t been damaged, as more often than not you can tell from the appearance of damp, cracks in walls or even holes in the ceiling. Keep an eye on radiators, showers, walls, floors and ceilings where piping is present.

There is often plenty of piping beneath flooring which is why a lot of people who have to cope with water damage notice early signs of damp and water damage amongst floorboards, laminate flooring and carpets. Water is always looking to flow somewhere and this tends to result in water accumulating under the surface of a property. This can lead to homeowners being entirely unaware of dormant water beneath the floor for some time.

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Showers that start to leak can cause serious problems to walls and ceilings, with many homeowners facing the prospect of having to deal with damp, damaged walls and even holes in the ceiling. The repair job needed for a ceiling is often down to the materials used, with plasterboard, lathe and suspended ceilings all requiring different repair jobs.

It’s quite common for people to be totally unaware of damp and instead notice an unpleasant odour throughout the household that has no specific cause. This is often the case with kitchens, where household appliances cover up damaged piping and leaks. Once damp is located, it’s essential that walls are stripped back to expose brickwork for drying purposes.

There are a number of different types of water damage, some of which can be particularly difficult to identify. What’s more, water damage can take months to sort out, so it’s important you have expert financial solutions advice and information at hand to deal with any potential costs and insurance claims. Our role here at Apex is to oversee the necessary repair job and make sure insurers cover the costs.

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