Leak Detection And Water Damage London

Leak Detection And Water Damage London

Water damage is a common problem for homeowners and has proven to be the most popular reason for people making claims against their insurance policy. Should piping freeze, burst or leak, homeowners could be in for a devastating shock when it comes to finding out the level of damage that’s been caused. In some cases, pipes may have been damaged for months or even years without the homeowner being aware of the problem.

There are many different types of water damage capable of wreaking havoc throughout a household, with some of the most common causes being damaged radiators, shower leaks, burst pipes, frozen pipes and cracked pipes. Water is capable of damaging every corner of a property, from flooring, joists and carpets to walls, ceilings and upholstery.

Many people report water damage and leaks appearing from the floor, which is a common occurrence with laminate flooring. Water will always work its way to the surface, which is why it often remains dormant for a significant amount of time beneath floorboards and laminate flooring before it is discovered.

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As a lot of domestic piping is installed in the upper areas of a property for bathrooms, toilets etc., it is common for leaking showers to cause serious damage to various parts of the house depending on the layout of your property and the location of your bathroom.

Ceilings are regularly affected by water damage and prove to be a common claim. The work that needs to be done to protect and prevent your ceiling from further damage will depend on the type of ceiling you have, as there are many different ceiling materials such as plasterboard, lathe, suspended etc.

In some cases, water damage is oblivious until certain household objects are moved, such as the fridge, dishwasher or even some types of upholstery. When water damage on walls is noticed, it is necessary to strip away any coating and expose the brickwork so that it can be left to dry.

We offer water damage services to clients in London and its surrounding areas here at Apex. We use our expertise to estimate costs of finding the leak and other disruptive works before convincing the insurers to pay.

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