Leak Detection And Water Damage Surrey

Leak Detection And Water Damage Surrey

One of the most common problems that homeowners in Surrey and across the UK have to deal with is water damage. People often make claims against their insurance policy due to burst, frozen or damaged piping, which is a problem that can lead to devastating consequences. It’s difficult to interpret the amount of damage caused by pipe damage until a thorough investigation is carried out, so it’s not uncommon for homeowners to remain oblivious to water damage for months or even years.

If you’re keen to ensure water damage does not go unnoticed in your home, it can help to gain an understanding of where water damage usually originates. Damaged radiators, shower leaks, frozen pipes or cracked pipes are all signs that water damage may have occurred. Flooring, joists, walls and carpets are all susceptible to water damage, as is any other part of the property where piping has been installed.

With flooring in particular, water damage can become problematic and lead to an unpleasant damp odour as well as damaged laminate flooring and floorboards. Flooring is highly susceptible to water damage as flowing water will always look to reach the surface until it remains dormant. Homeowners may be unaware of dormant water beneath their flooring for years until the damage becomes apparent.

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Leaking showers regularly cause issues throughout the household as flowing water makes its way through ceilings and walls until it reaches the surface of the property. Ceilings are often left damaged by leaking showers as a result of faulty pipes and the work that is required is often dependant on your type of ceiling, such as plasterboard, lathe or suspended.

You may be completely unaware of water damage to walls that are covered by household objects or appliances, especially in kitchens where large appliances such as fridges and sinks are present. With water damage often becoming substantial as a result of homeowners being unaware, walls may have to be stripped back so that brickwork can be exposed and prepared for drying.

With water damage proving to be a significant problem for thousands of homeowners every year, it’s good to know that Apex are on hand to provide our unrivalled financial expertise. We can make estimates on water damage, from locating the leak to carrying out the necessary repair work, and convince insurers to cover the costs.

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