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If you have  suffered damage to your property and you want to make a claim on your home insurance policy, we advise you take the following steps to ensure that your claim is processed as quickly and painlessly as possible.

1: Contact Your Insurance Company

Contact your insurance company ASAP and inform them of the damage suffered to the property. They will take details of the claim, and arrange for an experienced loss adjuster or appointed representative to act on their behalf and arrange a time to visit you to examine the damage and substantiate your claim.

2: Contact Apex Building Solutions

Contact the friendly team at Apex Building Solutions and let us know about your claim. We will then arrange for one of our highly experienced professionals to visit you at the property to assess the damage, and will then arrange to meet the loss adjuster in order to agree the scope of work that needs to be undertaken to restore the property completely.

3: Provision of Comprehensive Report

We will then provide your insurance company with a comprehensive report and building repair quotation, our team deal directly with them to get the necessary works approved. You do not need to worry about having to deal with them at all.

4: We Carry Out and Manage The Agreed Work

Once the insurance company have confirmed the work is approved, we will instruct our skilled tradespeople to complete the agreed work, we will also fully manage the project on your behalf to ensure that the work is completed to the very highest standards and in a professional and timely manner so as to inconvenience you as little as possible.

5: Completion of Works and Invoicing

On completion of the work, we invoice your insurance company directly and they settle payment directly with us, once you have informed them that the work has been completed and that you are satisfied with every aspect.

Getting your property repaired with Apex really is that straightforward and remember…

…using our service will cost you nothing!

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