Claim for Damage to Property

If you need to make an insurance claim as result of damage to your property, Apex are fully equipped to provide you with an extremely effective claim and repair service as a result of many years of experience providing claims for people who have suffered property damage in the past. We understand the importance of notifying the cause of the damage, recognising the interest of the insurer and assessing the damage itself.

Over the years, Apex have gathered a vast amount of experience providing for clients who have suffered property damage as a result of fires, flooding, storms, vandalism and much more. Claims that require lengthy work are our speciality as we are capable of building the ideal claim for our clients with the help of our damage assessment services.

We work with everyone who is associated with the claim, including the client, the insurer, handling teams and loss adjusters in an attempt to provide the very best solution for you. We work quickly and effectively to reduce the pressure that’s put on our clients in a stressful period and always maintain the highest level of organisation and courtesy to keep our clients informed of the status of their claim.

Claim for damage to property - Request a callback

If you discover a leak in your property then in most cases this will be covered by your insurer. If you have trace and access cover we can visit your property and assess where the leak could be coming from with all costs being covered by your insurer. We can provide an estimation of the costs if you notice any leak around the house at any time.

If you have been affected by a fire or a neighbour’s fire then you can call on Apex to visit your property within 24 hours and provide a cleaning service to rid the surrounding area of debris and assess the damage caused. We will handle the first meeting that takes place with your insurer so that your claim is managed effectively and covers all the necessary aspects such as alternative accommodation and restoration.

If you need to claim for vandalism of your property then we can help with this as well. Insurers treat vandalism such as graffiti or damaged property as malicious damage. We can work on your claim by contacting insurers regarding permanent repairs and at the same time carry out any necessary repairs as a result of the vandalism that has affected your property.

So no matter what the nature of your claim for damage to property you own, get in touch with Apex Building Solutions today and we can settle your claim with the minimum of fuss. Operating across London and the south east.