Why Use Us?

As leading insurance company approved builders we have dealt with all the main insurers offering buildings insurance such as the RSA Group, Zurich, Aviva, Allianz, Direct Line, More Than, Churchill, Hiscox, and many others too numerous to list here.

Insurance companies we deal with

We regularly meet with loss adjusters at damaged properties to settle claims including Cunningham Lindsey, Davies Managed Systems, Davies Loss Adjusters, GAB Robins, Crawfords, Woodgate Clark, Graham High Group, MYI Group and Amedeo, Ellis May and many more.

As a result of our dealings with loss adjusters and insurers we have developed good working relationships based on trust, respect & professionalism.  It is these relationships which allow us to get the best result from the claim and deliver the high level of service for our property owners.

Time saved

You do not have to persuade different builders to provide quotes, deal with the insurer, loss adjusters if they are appointed, surveyors, claims technicians and various trades people on the job.  There is only one point of contact with our office and a person dedicated to the claim is assigned to deal with it throughout from notification to the point when all building works have been signed off.

Experience and Professionalism

We will ensure that all damage for which insurers have liability under the policy terms is properly identified and reported to insurers without any corners being cut. Because our professionalism and knowledge is respected by insurers and loss adjusters alike we are effective in arguing what should and should not be included by insurers in any claim.

Fewer Claims Refused

As we spend some time on validating a claim taking into account our site inspections and determination of all facts in relation to the policy it is very unlikely that a claim we present to insurers will be repudiated [refused].  The clear fact is that less than 0.5% of claims we have presented have ever been repudiated.

Detailed Update At Each Stage

We have meticulous record-keeping and all conversations with you, your tenant [if applicable], insurers and loss adjusters are transcribed so are able to tell you exactly what is going on with the claim at any stage pre-settlement and while works are in progress.

Less Hassle For You

You are in experienced hands.  The hours we put into a claim and the type of service we are able to provide will ensure you are happy with the result.  We have many repeat clients.

Shorter Claim Life Cycle

Clearly, as an owner your time has to be spent on many things – not insurance claims.  The longer a claim drags on the more frustrated you become.  Our time is spent solely on insurance claims and repairs.  We are proactive with insurers and loss adjusters and have a rigorous follow up procedure to settlement.  Typically our average time from notification to settlement of a claim is 3-4 weeks.  We start drying / restoration cleaning and or reinstatement within 48 hours of settlement and will typically take 2-4 weeks to complete works depending on the scope.

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